AI sales assistants as 3D holographic, Mixed Reality Wayfinder. They are "antiviral" by using our world first facial & motion detection features. Our bot brains activate themselves in public spaces for...

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  • pharmacies and beauty/fashion stores
  • malls + cafes, restaurants, takeaway food
  • phones and electronic devices shops
  • department stores & retail chains
  • bookshops, travel goods & gift shops
  • grocery stores, supermarkets & food retailers
  • 3D holographic avatars in car & furniture showrooms, large space retailers & boat shows
  • trade shows and large exhibition spaces


We can bring your machinery and devices to life, avoiding the need to touch screens by adding voice to the device's programme. Touchfree instructions by voice bots customised with regards to...

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  • adding voice to ATMs for banks 
  • 3D avatars for financial services branches
  • adding voice to vending machines
  • adding voice to ticket machines
  • adding holographic voice bots to dashboards in ecars, hybrid cars & other vehicles like tractors & combines in farming & agricultural businesses
  • botifying manuals for voice-based instructions
  • botifying heavy industrial equipment for FAQs

Governments, Public Services & Institutions

Post-pandemic authorities & government services need to economise more than ever before. 2D & 3D avatars are an easy infrastructure investment in...

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  • Smart Cities & technology precincts
  • green public transport networks
  • utility companies like water & power
  • museums
  • galleries
  • institutions
  • university campuses
  • large schools
  • government buildings & office blocks

Extend Your Human Resources with a Holographic Support Person...

Do you have the these problems?

  • post-pandemic, a smaller, inadequate budget for sales & marketing?
  • not enough staff due to illness or company cutbacks?
  • existing staff scared to face too many customers due to viruses?
  • need the latest info on products and services to be more efficiently communicated?

Here are our solutions

  1. an AI bot hologram solves all of the above by communicating, selling, doing marketing & PR for a flat licence fee or a one off purchasing cost for the hardware 
  2. 24/7 the bespoke avatar can deal with customers for feedback, complaints, praise and testimonials
  3. customers & stakeholders are opted in for newsletters, loyalty points, subscriptions online to drive sales on and offline
  4. our AI keeps costs low to update fresh PR content constantly while AI BaaS innovations mean
  •  reduction of virus exposure
  • covering for staff 24/7 not just during opening hours 
  • supporting staff in all functions of sales, marketing & general infotainment

+ the easy to manage content can include specialist PR communication tasks like education, weather, timetables, schedule changes, inventory additions & new events or products...

4 Ways to Finance Your Mixed Reality Installation - Hosting Packages

1.    You receive the AI bot Mixed Reality installation FOR FREE.
This is subject to AI BaaS assessing the physical site and visitor numbers online.
If the MR installation can provide quality footfall and sufficient interactions, we will install your bespoke avatar free of charge for the first 24 months.
The condition is that AI BaaS keeps all the advertising and sponsoring revenues.
At the end of the 24 month leasing period, you as the host can switch to one of the 3 other packages here on on this page.

2.    This is like a hire purchase arrangement or leasing vehicles or equipment.
You will be able to buy the hardware at a reduced cost at the end of the first 24 months lease.
The licensing of the AI bot brain that has been customised for your avatar(s) will still have a monthly fee for maintenance and content changes.
However it is a way to buy the holographic device in instalments over a longer period while you build up traffic to the physical and online sites of the 2D and 3D AI bot avatars.

3.  You can do a profit share arrangment with AI BaaS from the get go!  If you have a physical site and online presence with sufficient traffic and or the marketing resources to build visitor interactions with your bespoke avatar, then we will split the advertising revenue with your company.
Note that our business model limits advertising to ca 4 big sponsors per installation so that the users do not experience "too much advertising" ie we won't run the MR installations like Old Economy or legacy Wayfinder or DOOH screens that were saturated with push ads at a high price with no tangible or transparent metrics!

4.  Your company buys the Mixed Reality installation up front from the start. No instalments and no profit share with AI BaaS.
That means you own each individual device and not lease it or "borrow" it as in Packages 1.
The hardware will belong to you, however the bot brain is licensed from AI BaaS.
We run individualised or bespoke 2D and 3D avatars from our servers that hold our proprietary algorithm VAIP [Virtual Artificially Intelligent Patois].
We reduce the licence fee at scale, so if buy more than one bespoke avatar, the cost of the replicas or clones will be less for the scale up.